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Enter ExxonMobil's first reverse pitch contest today.


BBL Ventures has opened the first Reverse Robotics Pitch for ExxonMobil. Interested applicants are invited to enter the challenge by May 13th for the chance at an invitation to Houston to participate in the reverse pitch the week of June 3rd. The prize for the winning challengers is $60,000. 

BBL Ventures, an innovation partner for the energy and natural resources industry, identifies pain points and technology gaps to build solutions, provide funding, and aid in scaling new companies.

“BBL Ventures is excited to be working with a forward- thinking partner like ExxonMobil, engaging the external innovation ecosystem is a key step in advancing the energy industry’s continued success” said Patrick Lewis, managing partner.

The Robotics Reverse Pitch Challenge, overseen by BBL Ventures, helps leverage local and international businesses as well as educational institutions as a method to forward the progress of energy innovation. Prospective entrepreneurs are also invited to participate. Organizations will not only get the chance to pitch a technical solution to ExxonMobil and receive a monetary prize, but also the possibility for a commercial pilot to produce the solution. Winning entrepreneurs or companies can also receive guidance as they formulate a business plan and test their concepts for viability.

Below are the two identified challenges formulated by the field. Entries are to be emailed to by 11 p.m. CST, May 13.



Opening Process Equipment

Create a method to stop exposure to flow or residual material.

This project aims to create a mechanism that will reduce the risks of exposure to/contact with material in the pipe for technicians in PPE (personal protection equipment) onsite by remotely breaking the gasket seal for the following bolted flange joint assemblies by unbolting and spreading:

  • ASME B16.5 4”-150#, 4”-300#, 8”-150#, 8”-300#

If a leak or release is detected, device will need to close the opened flange remotely.


To read more on this challenge, download the pitch request form here: 



Reducing Arc Flash

Reduce exposure to electrical charges.

ExxonMobil Leaders have identified the promotion of personal safety as a priority action in addressing and reducing negative events on campuses globally. This project aims to create a mechanism for the specified units that will reduce the risks of arc flashes for electricians.

Technical specs and blueprints from manufacturer are included in supporting documentation.  The solution should be able to work on:

  • Elliot Type 201 Combination Controller
  • Elliot Type 230-PM Combination Controller


To read more on this challenge, download the pitch request form here: